A Love of All Things Reggae - VIBE SOUNDSYSTEM

12 Feb 2021

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VIBE Soundsystem is the collective bass heavy sound of Klynton Lawrence (Digital Bandit) and Tom Bannister (DJ Home).
Brought together by a love for all things reggae Digital Bandit is from the bass heavy streets of Bristol, UK, raised on the reggae and roots sounds of Jamaica, infusing these two musical powerhouses he brings you high energy ragga, jungle and DnB.

DJ Home has always had a love for vinyl and the bass heavy sounds of Jamaica. His sound is rooted in this rich musical culture and now pushed forward by the pioneers of current digital dub sounds.

Vibe Soundsystem have orgainsed events at the following venues in Bangkok - Whiteline, Jam Cafe, Overstay and Studio Lam. They also had a VIBE boat party on a private chartered yacht off the coast of Pattaya and have another boat party arranged for May on the Chao Phraya River!

Their production value is increasing, Vibe have all the gadgets but are lacking the time to master them...so just listen to the bootleg tunes on Soundcloud for now!