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Phangan DJ David Chong on Playing Temple of Love's One Year Party in Tel Aviv!

22 Oct 2017

Temple of Love's one year anniversary party is organised by Famnisha group which is a group of women who are organising night life in Israel of which Orly founded. She was inspired by the concept of the Temple parties from Koh Phangan, the concept of freeing your mind and to experience who you are.

All kinds of Love are welcome!

“We don't judge anyone for their entertainment desires, the party contains a few night out possibilities, it's first of all a stylish and qualified party with the best DJs and performers, the music always comes first for us.

Famnisha has erotic art shows and light erotic entertainment, they have chill out spaces for couples and one more space for a light fetish crowd and in the main space it's the main party. The events are all under one roof and it’s a unique concept of a night out, it is working so far as they celebrate one year of parties!

Famnisha hold a monthly party and the production is pretty big plus the content is mostly beautiful and artistic.

Orly herself is a big David Chong fan and regularly visits Koh Phangan where she stays close to Eden party at the weekends.

“I wanted to bring someone who would make me very happy and excited as it's my birthday party as well so David is the DJ I wanted. I’m very glad that he could make it and am looking forward for him to join us on this special day for me and for the Temple of Love one year celebration!”

The regular crowd for the Temple of Love know what to expect and they never compromise on anything, always desiring to raise the standards.

“For me a DJ is not someone who's just playing music and so many DJs ARE just playing music, they don't tell me a story.

A good DJ for me is someone who's taking me on a journey, the start of the gig needs to make me curious then the middle must be so interesting that it will blow my mind and the end must be surprising, the same as a good movie or good story.

David is a wizard for me, he knows how to lead me and so many others minds wherever he wants to and it’s usually a blast!”

When we talk about ‘erotic art’ at Famnisha it's usually pole dance, burlesque and the chill out zone is a space with sofas and white curtains. The light fetish is a space with some crosses, chains and lights, it's all a very well served high style of everything...

But the main thing is the party space,

“We choose the crowd, we don't let anyone come in, it's only by the list and the dress code is not compromised, we send people home if they don't show up in the dress code. We balance between the crowd’s ages and between the number of women who're coming alone and the men who're coming alone”.

Orly tells us that it is a ‘boutique party’, they always bring between 200 - 300 people and this upcoming year they want to grow and they will...

“It took us a whole year to build it, money never leads us, we care about the quality”.

We spoke to one of Koh Phangan’s most popular DJs David Chong about this unique event he will play…

Hi David, what are you up to?
I am now in Moscow, but I will be back in Phangan from the end of November to May.

You will play Temple of Love one year celebration in Israel, how did you get involved with this?
I met Orly in Phangan and she invited me to her party in Tel Aviv, since I never refuse an invitation from a pretty girl it was a wrap.

You have played Israel before, how was it?
I played in Tel Aviv the first time in ‘95 for Lemon, then I played Fetish quite a lot, I also played in allenby 58, Tamars, TLV, and a few more.
I remember Lemon and Fetish as some of the best places I have ever played, right behind Eden and Guy's bar.

“I think Temple of love will be a memorable party and I can’t wait to be there”.

All you diehard David Chong fans can visit Temple of Love in Tel Aviv for this epic event! Have a great birthday Orly!