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From One Paradise to Another - DJ Korpus

26 Apr

This Friday 28th April Phanganist Hostel welcome DJ Korpus to be your musical host...

Hey Korpus so tell us your Koh Phangan story…
Two years ago I met a woman who had been living in Koh Phangan for a long time already, we spoke and I put my mix on the computer, she liked it and told me there was a possibility to play here. I really didn’t believe it and one week after I received a message saying I was to play at Sandcastle, my name was on the flyer already, I was surprised and happy and came just after.  This was the beginning, I love the island and I projected to come back the year after and so last year I came and have tried to stay…

You’re from New Caledonia, what is it like there?
It’s a French little island between Australia and New Zealand and the beauty of it is incredible, lagoons, the white sands and especially in the sea. The fish, you walk 2 metres into the sea and see everything.

I play music everywhere there.

So why swap one paradise for another?
Why not, I have an expression ‘I travel by music and music by travel’. I like to play and enjoy different cultures and food. After this I am projecting to go to Costa Rica.

Tell us how you began as a DJ...
With Hardcore, very strong and fast, 20 years ago with free parties and my crew ‘Skwatt6tm’. I played Hardcore for 12 years and then it got complicated to play as nobody liked it so much. When I moved to New Caledonia I had to change my style so I played Deep House and Techno and then for sure Hip Hop and scratching which I do with a band.

How was the transition from Hardcore to House?
Progressive, all my friends are Techno and Acid Techno heads which is more slow than what I play. For a long time I heard it and loved it and even had a big collection of Techno records but I never played them at parties then I knew that if I want to continue I had to change my style.

Where have you played here?
Sandcastle, Infinity, Mountain Life….

What do you think of the party scene here?
I like it but there’s too many people for me, it’s good for accumulation though as every day you have to change, there are different people all the time, the feeling is strong, it’s  good. It’s a good school for a DJ, the people are complicated, it’s difficult to keep people on the dancefloor as they all want different things so as I said it is a good school. But the island is beautiful, the sunrise, the sunset and the magic, it’s a dream for a DJ.

You’ll DJ on Friday 28th April at Phanganist Hostel, what will you do?
I think Tribal House with a bit of vocals and animal cries, I will see with the people, it depends on the feeling and what they want. If they want big and strong sounds or more quiet, every time it’s another test.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I will go to France in one month because I will go to enjoy a big festival called ‘Awakening’, I’m so happy about this. Then I go to California for a month and then Costa Rica.

Leave us with your music philosophy…
Travel by Music, Music by Travel.

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