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DJ Home from Vibe Soundsystem - Good Vibes and Digital Dubs

29 Mar

One half of Vibe Soundsystem DJ Home tells us how he has ended up here in Thailand, his love of Digital Dubs and what they will bring to Phanganist Hostel on April 14th...

Tell us your Bangkok story...
As soon as I turned 18 and had saved enough money I was on the first plane to Bangkok and headed straight for Phangan. My love affair with the island, and Thailand in general started then. I've always wanted to live here full time and spread my music.

Why the name DJ Home?
I only really started taking DJing seriously when I was living in Asia. I chose the name 'Home' as the music I play reminds me of home!

The U.K has a very rich Soundsystem/Bass conscious culture that I'm immensely proud of.

What got you initially interested in music particularly DnB etc?
I really got into DnB when I was at Uni in Nottingham. My friends put on big Drum and Bass nights and it was my first proper clubbing experience - no mainstream bullshit. That was when I knew that this music was for me!

How and when did you start to DJ?
I've been collecting records for years and started DJing at house parties when I was studying. That has evolved into playing at clubs and venues as our fan base has grown.

What are your influences?
I love all types of music but the foundation for me goes right back to the Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae/Dub Genre. Jamaican music has influenced the global scene ever since.

The latest sounds in digital dub is really pushing the scene forward and legendary Soundsystem crew such as Channel One are bringing it all to the masses.

How did you meet Digital Bandit?
We met in Kuala Lumpur through a mutual friend. I was keen to get the Bass scene moving forwards in Kuala Lumpur and decided to team up with Klynton!

How is the scene in Bangkok?
Pretty awesome, there seems to be something going on all the time everywhere! I'm still keen to push digital Soundsystem dubs to the masses here, but you need big Soundsystems for that!

You will play Phanganist on 14th April, have you been to Koh Phangan before?
Many many many times! I've spent months here before - it's my favorite place! I got married here recently too…

What do you hope to bring to the crowd on the night?
Good vibes! That's what our music is all about. It's always great to see the crowd respond to our music in such a positive way.

What are your plans for the year ahead?
More events! We have a boat party coming up soon in Bangkok plus hopefully a festival in the U.K over the Summer.

And leave us with your life philosophy...
'Growing up is the most stupid thing you can ever do!'

Join us on Friday April 14th for our Vibe Soundsystem Drum and Bass Night Special!

Photos courtesy of Ken Dee Wai of Grains and Pixels.

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