How to Prepare Yourself for a Week of Partying on Koh Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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Ok so here it goes! Full Moon Week on Koh Phangan is upon us and thou shalt Party till thy end!

You may be a rookie party person or you may be a graduated from the Church of Rave expert but none the less Koh Phangan is a different place so there are some things you need to prepare or be aware of if you are gonna survive and triumph over a week of partying in paradise!

It is hot, unlike any hot you have experienced and so this is even more important when you are consuming alcohol; Drink LOTS of water!

Before, during and after the parties, have a bottle on you at all times to avoid dehydration and to not wake up with a hangover from hell the next day. Plus you won’t have time for a hangover during this day after day party experience.

The same goes with food, don’t forget to actually eat something. Alcohol can depress your appetite but your mind and body will hate you for not putting something in to soak up the booze or give you energy.

Ideally you will be eating lots of fresh fruit and veg but if not just make sure to eat. You can take a break from the party and go get some mid-time snacks or dinner. Also, even carb high dishes will help you get over it the next day so don’t feel too guilty just eat something!

Let people know where you are going, even if you are in a group just mention to other people or some staff at your hostel/resort etc where you are heading. Chances are nothing will happen but if it did at least people would know where to start.

Remember it’s a jungle out there, Koh Phangan’s parties often are in the jungle or in remote places, there are no four walled clubs here with security so don’t go wandering off.

Stay with friends, go with a group rather than alone or at least one other person that you trust and know won’t go off leaving you also.

With this in mind remember to take care of other people also, there are lots of younger folk here for the first time so if you see someone in trouble try to help where you can.

Lots of people are very far from home and may have health or mental issues that no one here knows about and endless partying and hedonistic island vibes can take their toll so just keep an eye out.

One of if not the most important thing is to not drive. You’ll get a lot of confidence whilst your here but that doesn’t mean you are invisible on the roads.

With booze in the mix it is a deadly picture and you want to have fun so just get the many taxis that drive up and down the roads and hang waiting patiently for you outside every single party here on the island!

Remember to chill in between the parties, take some time to relax by the pool, chat to friends and nap a bit to get your energy back for the next party.

Finally, take some extra money with you, put it on your person in your underwear or something. We all know what it’s like losing your inhibitions at a party, leaving your bag on the beach whilst you go to dance then returning to find its gone. But you’ll still need to get a taxi home or
buy some water or something so have a little emergency stash. And leave anything important at home!

We hope you have a fantastic time raving it up on the mountains, in the jungle and on the soft white beaches and that you can all be prepared for a momentous week of partying!