The best time of year on Phangan for the Trance Family

12 Feb 2021

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The Trance scene and music have been on the island of Koh Phangan for many years, in fact it was one of the first electronic dance music genres to be here. Long before the House and Techno scene arrived.

The Trance scene and family are still going strong thanks to parties like Shiva Moon still pumping out the music and keeping the vibes going strong.
shiva moon
December and January is a great time for the Trance family here on Koh Phangan, this is due to The Experience Festival which happens on our little sister island of Koh Tao over new year. Hence a lot of the Trance family head over to these tropical waters to see in the brand new year with family from all over the world.

Many people will base themselves to Koh Phangan and head over to Koh Tao for the festival then return here for a few weeks or even months to make Phangan their home for the beginning of the year.
trance family
You can expect the legendary Trance gatherings such as Baan Subai, Shiva Moon and Blackmoon Parties to be full of the authentic Trance family who live by the Trance lifestyle.

Trance is more than just music, some see it as a way of life and this includes clothes.

Trance wear is greatly inspired by nature and we have come up with a few places for you to find beautiful Trance clothing if you fancy ‘getting ya Trance on’ for this time of year.

If the Trance scene is new to you but you feel it pull your soul and spark your interest then don’t be shy about talking to people or getting involved because the Trance Family really are a family and some of the nicest most welcoming souls. There are loads of Trance gatherings, festivals and family all over the planet so get involved and enjoy the tribe on Koh Phangan!