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New Vision Festival


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The organizers of this extravaganza are seeking to create a friendly setting to convey their message through ARTMUSIC, Body Arts, Healthy Lifestyle and Entertainment.

"NEW VISION FESTIVAL ", a four-day event, will be held at the (location), Chuumkiry District, near Kampot, Cambodia, 21-25 FEBRUARY 2020.

This Eco friendly music art festival is founded on 9 pillarsArt, Music, Family, Farm to Feasts, Talks & Workshops, Yoga / Tattoo Conventions, Healthy Food and Life Style - aiming to preserve a positive and motivational community in a new location, to develop and keep the vibe of this culture alive for our future generations !

This is wholly an international cooperative project without focus on specific countryculture or creed.
Its all about Psy Trance without borders.