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Koh Phangan party scene in Tel Aviv - An interview with Orly Frider

4 Oct 2019


The first time Orly came to Koh Phangan was back in 1989 and she completely fell in love with the place...but her new romance with the island started 5 years ago. She returned because her ex-husband, a very talented artist, was, and still is, living on the island. Her, and their two beautiful children came to join him. 

One of their sons is actually an amazing DJ. He's played at Eden and Guys Bar already, which was a great opportunity for him, and he did a great job.

What makes this island so special to Orly is the overall spirit of the place, the energy here is what makes it so unique. It's hard to explain. You need to be here to experience it, she says.

To her, Koh Phangan is paradise. The vibe and the beauty here give her so much to her inner development.

Orly organizes an event in Tel Aviv under the group Famnisha. It is a party with a woman's touch - a beautiful party called Temple Of Love, only hosted at the Duplex. The Duplex is a massive venue with 3 levels so it's the perfect place for her to work with. 

For her, the real temple is always the music.  The music is the most important. Although there are still stunning performances of erotic art, the best in Israel, she says. 

Orly chooses to bring DJ's from Koh Phangan to Tel Aviv to let people experience what she experiences here on the island.  She wants to give people in Tel Aviv a taste of Koh Phangan. Also, by bringing people from Koh Phangan to play at her parties, it influences the vibe there to be similar to that of a paradise island. 

She makes her parties from pure love and is honored to bring the great DJ's of the island to her events. Guy FIdelity, David Chong, and Ollie have all played at her parties before - and there are many more new and returning Koh Phangan DJ's to come in her upcoming parties.

If you ever find yourself in Tel Aviv, go check out one of her beautiful parties. Tel Aviv has some of the most amazing nightlife in the world with underground parties that are highly recommended thing to experience, and Orly's Temple Of Love should be at the top of your list!