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Your Phangan Party choice says a lot about you...

20 Aug

Your party choice says a lot about you...Let's explore what they mean with Leo!

Full Moon Party 

You’re the life of the party. Funny and borderline insane, everybody always counts on you to make it a great time. 💥

Half Moon Festival

You’re quite the artsy one. For you, having a vibrant personality is not enough – you gotta look the part! UV paints? Heck yeah. 🌈

Waterfall Party 

You’re chill. And not exactly here to mingle all the time, so people think you're being mysterious. That’s just how you roll though – it’s not that deep.


Jungle Experience

You're a thrill-seeker. Always on the lookout for something new to try – doesn't matter how dangerous it is. YOLO, right?


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