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Phanganist Dogs Barbi and Yafit tell us about their life

20 Aug

Barbi and Yafit
Age: 35 and 17
Gender: Male and Female
Man friend name: Sharon

When did you meet your Human friend and how was it?
Barbi: I was born in Sharon’s house; he was a friend of my mom.
Yafit: I was picked up from from PAC by Linda who found me and brought me here at first after my car accident.

What is your favourite food?
Both: Schnitzel

What do you like to do to when you see your human friend coming back?
Barbi: I like to jump at least once, go over, and get a kiss.
Yafit: I try to kiss Barbi whilst between the jumps.

Do you like to go to the beach and get into the water?
Babri: I like to go to the beach but don’t like the swimming part.

Yafit: I love the water… !

Do you have dog friends from the hood?
Some of the neighbours’ dogs, we spend a lot of time together.

What is your most favourite Chillaxing spot?
Barbi: Under The bed
Yafit: The first step on the way to the house.

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