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Panda the Fury of Sri Thanu

21 Aug 2015

 Panda Aka Moonspot also known as "the fury of strithanu"
Age: Dont ask a girl about her age stupid .. jeezz ...
Male / female: Female
Man friend name: Navin

When did you meet your Human friend and how was it?
Oh I actually met my first human friend when she saved me from being eaten by a gang of hooligans  and I have to say that I was very young back then  and I could not defend myself. Now I am afraid of no-one cause I am bigger, and really good at fighting. I have trained with the best ! I dont really like to run, I like swimming though :) But yeah we were talking about my human friends because I actually have two humans who will do just about everything for me.

One is Linda the human who saved me from the hooloigans, I live with her and 5 other dogs that she loves also, but not as much as she loves me. Then there is Navin , I LOVE HIM <3 and he loves me also of course but I love him so MUCH because he is handsome and strong and is probably the smartest and most intelligent human on this planet, and fearless he is also fearless, just like me, I am also fearless...sometimes.
What is your favourite food?
What the other dogs are eating, I always like food better when served on another ones tray. It's a bit funny I know, cause its really the same we get. If I have to pick, I really like that burger from food factory!

What makes you most happy?
I guess nothing really excites me as much as when my human friends come home home. They can be gone for just 2 minutes, and when I see them again well I just cant control it - its a bit embarrasing actually!
What do you like to do when you see your human friend coming back?
Howl to the sky, pee a little , and face-licking, I loooove face-licking!
Do you like to go to the beach and get into the water?
I got a swimming pool ;)

Do you have dog friends from the hood?
Of course, I have got many. I am very popular especially among the men, they go crazy when they see me ;)
What is your most favourite Chillaxing spot?
My human friends beds - cause they smell the best!