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Koh Phangan and its Sunset Sessions

30 Apr

Finding beautiful sunsets on koh phangan is one of the easiest things you can do.

There’s lots of places you can go, an abundance of beautiful spots and a myriad of colours to experience and witness as the sun puts on its best show.

From beaches to secret viewpoints you’re never short of options on this paradise island.

Plus it’s free! No entrance charge for this spectacular party!

There are many little spots which are not connected to resorts where you can enjoy a sunset with a little more peace and quiet, you just have to walk down the tracks/paths to get to them rather than going through a resort. Then you can take your own drinks and food without buying overly priced ones from bars.

Treat the sky like a television, you’ll learn how to tell the time of day and know what the evening's weather will bring by watching the clouds.

Lots of venues have started holding ‘Sunset Sessions’ if you want to socialise and party a little. You can expect great tunes alongside a backdrop of rainbow skies.

Expect the traffic to be at its busiest at this time though as everyone is either leaving from work or racing to get to their favoured sunset spot, so if you want to get to yours do a bit of planning!

Everything dances on Koh Phangan, even the sky...

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