Wednesday Bar - Living up to its Name

12 Feb 2021

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Phanganist and Leo Beer headed down to Wednesday bar to find out about this exclusively open one night a week live music venue.

Run by musician Cedric and his wife Coralie from France, you can enjoy live music and cold beers in a vibrant atmosphere with people dancing to the music around the tables or sitting back to chill in their bamboo huts.

You will enjoy a good standard of music here at Wednesday bar, open to all, the only clause is that you must be confident enough to be able to play to an audience and create an entertaining show for this one time a week crowd.

We had a brief chat with the owners...

What is your Koh Phangan story?

A friend told Cedric about Koh Phangan and we decided to come over here. We visited the island six years ago and decided to come and and live here three years ago.

Did you know you wanted to make a Bar?
Not at first, we came to relax and experience the island and then decided to open up the Wednesday bar which opened three months ago and is only open on a Wednesday.

Why then Name?

Bit of a stupid question!

What is the concept behind Wednesday Bar? 
Open mic, live music for all musicians who are able to play live in front of an audience.

And what is unique about it in Koh Phangan?

We are only open one night per week for the open mic night. We only have plans to ever open on a Wednesday.

What do you offer?
We offer a fully stocked bar with international spirits and cocktails.

What do you enjoy about the island in your free time?

Rest and relaxation

And sum up Wednesday in three words…
Live, music and drinks.