Hidden Gems of Live Music at Bermuda Bar

12 Feb 2021

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Phanganist went to hang out with Muna at her bar Bermuda. We sat down to get the low down on how it is going and enjoyed the live music with a few bottles of Leo beer of course!

Hey Muna, how are you?

Last time we saw you you had only just opened your bar, how has Bermuda been doing?
Very good, I didn’t expect this much. We get many people, I cannot plan how much beer I need to buy each day!

Cool, so tell us about your music night?
Sometimes it is open mic, the performers are people that are shining to me, maybe hidden gems. Last week we had a great couple from the UK, it is good for strangers, really great.

Bermuda’s live music is very unique I think for this island, it is not reggae, sometimes a little but everywhere else has it anyway.

Only in my bar do we play music from the 60s, 70s until now. Disco, Funk, a little rock and everything else so all of your lifetime memories are up here.

Can tourists come and play?
Yes, we are always open. Just be heard to me and you can be on stage.

What have been the reactions from people?

They say that they never thought that on the whole of the island we’d have this kind of music or people.

Once I found out on the internet that a random guy said on Full Moon night he wanted to escape from Had Rin so drove around and saw my bar, a hidden gem, and he was like wow! This is why I named my bar Bermuda!

Do you have any special events?
Soon, I will do something very different, totally R&B. I have been planning this.

Right now we have a rehearsal night which can be Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturday, it means that people can come to rehearse and use my stuff, it’s good.

Do you think Koh Phangan is becoming a better place for live music?

Always, it is still the same musicians that live here but it is getting more cool with people coming who are on vacation.

This year in particular I have met a lot of talented musicians that are tourists.

What about your own music?
I am still working, I’m getting more inspiration from my place. Because I am there everyday I feel as though it’s missing something but all the customers say that it’s cool so it makes me realise it more.

Why should people come to Bermuda and its live music nights?

If you are seeking for something different and unique then Bermuda bar is the choice!

It’s totally different for this island!