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Living in the Place where her Dreams Come True, Party Girl Rena

30 Nov 2015

Phanganist Party Girl Rena
Date of birth: 06/02/1992
Country: Ukraine
Occupation: Photographer, Makeup artist, Model and Nail artist.

What do you love about Phangan parties?
I like Sandcastle, Loi Lay, Jungle Experience and the Waterfall Party so far, I haven’t been to them all yet as I am quite new here but the parties are amazing with such a good atmosphere! Before I have lived in Goa, Vietnam and Dominican Republic and Koh Phangan’s parties don’t look like any other party! They have a special atmosphere, even very drunk people look very lovely.

What do you think about the music here?
Before I came to Phangan I was not really a fan of Techno but now I am a big fan of Techno music!

What do you like about Jungle Experience and how is it being a dancer there?
I have lived in Asia four years already and since that  time I'v been to so many parties that its really hard to impress me. But Jungle impressed me so much. It's a special place with its own uniqe atmosphere.

A Tremendous party in a real tropical jungle.
It's unbelievable. Great DJs, music, funny people, decorations, crazy dancers, models, fire performers. All together they create another reality.  And now I'm taking part in it. It's fantastic feeling, dancing on the stage with other girls in freaky costumes and make up. I have a good time.

Do you have any favourite Dj’s?

I like Acrobat and my boyfriend always plays David Chong at home so I am looking forward to hearing him live.

What do you love at Koh Phangan?
It’s a very special place. We planned to live in Bangkok but accidently came here as my brother got in a bike accident and we had to come for a week to take care of him.

After this I said to my boyfriend ‘I don’t want to go back to Bangkok, I want to live on Koh Phangan!!’. It’s the place where my dreams come true. So we left everything in Bangkok and moved here.

What do you do here?
I’m a photographer, makeup artist, dancer and also I do nails.

All of my artistic skills are very easy to develop here because the atmosphere of beauty and relaxing is good motivation for creativity.