Bringing Latin Vibes and Full Power, Jungle Dancer Eva

29 Nov 2015

What is you Koh Phangan story?
I fell in love with Phangan three years ago when I came to Agama. I had my own wellness business in Canada but it was too cold so I decided to move to the tropics, of course Koh Phangan was number one on my list. I have been here for one month now.

How did you get involved with Jungle Experience?
A friend told me about it and that it was an awesome party, he knows I am a dance addict and he suggested I contacted Georgia to ask if I could be a dancer.

So how did you go about preparing yourself?
Oliver said to wear as minimal clothing as possible and as I am a fitness girl I just naturally gravitated towards my yoga shorts and a sports bra, getting ready to dance and jump the night away.
For my first time, Oliver attacked me with a whole bunch of feathers and said I was going to be an indian jungle dancer.

What is special about Jungle Experience party?
I’m so new to the island I don’t know much about others but everyone says it’s way better than Full Moon. What I liked was I felt secure, it was really well organised and because of the price of the ticket it was a more mature crowd maybe? It felt like a real jungle party.
I’m thirty five so I’m not really into partying anymore, so initially I was hesitant to go to the party, I thought it would be a bit too chaotic but it wasn’t at all, it was an amazing experience, I had so much fun! The music was amazing and I loved the body painting and other stations. I will definitely be there every month.

What are you planning for other Jungle parties?
My dancing style depends on the music, I’m a trained latin dancer but I’m in love with house and trance. My background is figure skating which is unique. I think I’m going to look for inspiration over the next few weeks but as little clothes as possible because it’s so damn hot on this island!

What have you been doing in your free time here?
Fitness, I have been training, meditation, tantra workshops and getting to know the island and community.

What is your life philosophy?
Always be positive.