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A Guide to Beating the Heat with Leo

4 May 2018

It's the hottest time of the year so Leo are here to help you with tips on coping in the heat!

Take Advantage of Cheap Transport

Taking a walk is nice, but maybe not when the sun’s frying the whole country! Opt for different modes of transport instead. Local taxis are usually just 100 Baht for a trip.

Stay Hydrated

Always bring with you a bottle of water. But even if you don’t, you can get one on pretty much every street. Choices even include cold fruit juice, soda, coffee, and a lot more! (Pro tip: 7-Elevens offer almost the same price as stores outside and you get good air conditioning!)

Go for a Dip

When in Thailand and Koh Phangan, you’re never really too far from a place to get some splash. From local water parks to famous beaches, it’s just a short ride away.

Cruise on a river or boat trip

Hop on a boat along Chao Phraya and take in as much river breeze as you can while also passing by some of the country’s most famous tourist spots. Or if in Koh Phangan take a boat tour around the island!

Stray from the heat

The country can get so hot that Thailand has pretty much perfected its malls. With excellent airconditioning and a wide variety of offers for everyone all in one place, spending your day inside is not necessarily a waste! Grab a few souvenirs while you're at it!