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How to get a Job on Koh Phangan if you’re not Thai

10 Jun 2020

You want to stay longer on Koh Phangan and even try and live here? You’ll probably need a job!

It can be quite daunting looking and applying for jobs in Foreign Countries and you may not know how things work here in Koh Phangan, Thailand so let us help you find some work to do!

The first thing you need to know is that to work in Thailand as a foreigner you’ll need to be on a Non B visa with a working permit that is connected to your workplace address and job. Now don’t worry that you don’t have this yourself yet, this is something that the company you work for, whether small or large, will arrange for you under the specific job you are employed for in their company.

work permit thailand
work permit thailand

Ask the jobs you apply for, that the correct visa and work permit is something they will give so you can make sure your job is legal.
You can set up your own company to get your Non Immigrant visa and work permit but that is if you are self-employed. In this instance we will focus on you working for someone else in a job.

Decide on your skills
Write up or update your CV and think about your skill set and what kind of job will suit you best here on Koh Phangan. Maybe it is something specific or maybe you are happy to do anything but you will still want to sell yourself as competition is tough here!
Many travelers who come and want to stay and work on the island are young, happy go lucky people who want to help other travelers have a good time so they go for jobs in Hostels. You might be a chef with unique skills that you could offer a restaurant, whatever it is you are good at, decide it and focus on the business that applies to you.

work permit thailand

Search, search, search!
Job vacancies here on Koh Phangan will come up more in high season and less so in low season so be aware of that. You can find groups and pages online and on social media but not all are advertised so it is also worth sending out emails, messages and even going around in person to places to ask about
job openings.
Sometimes a business may not be actively looking for an employee but if the right person walks through their door they could make a position for them!

Ask the community
Get involved with the long term expat community here and ask around. Like mentioned before, some businesses don’t advertise jobs but instead like to ask around in the community for people who have already been here a long time.
Let people know you want to work and that you are committed to make a life here on the island, we’re sure you can imagine that a lot of people come and go and so it can be hard to find staff who stay.

work permit thailand

Be prepared to work!
We all know that this island of Phangan is a hedonistic place with parties and a relaxed lifestyle but you must be prepared to actually work if you are getting a job! You will get time off to still enjoy this beautiful place but business here runs just like anywhere else in the world, so if you’re always turning up with a hangover or still high from last night then your employment won’t last long…

Also, it is worth mentioning that because of reasons above you will probably be expected to do a trial period, factoring in that it takes a couple of months for the work permit process to be finalised and that if your employer is paying for a work permit and visa they need to know that they are making the right choice.

Some businesses will require that you pay for the cost of your work permit and visa or one or the other so also find out what costs will be deducted from your salary, this is quite normal here on Koh Phangan but you may be lucky and get a job that covers it all!

work permit thailand

You should be aware that you will be paid a Thai salary or hourly rate which may seem like nothing compared to where you come from. However, here in Thailand it will be a comfortable income and relative to the economy of where you are living.
Average incomes range from 9000 Baht per month to 20-30,000 Baht per month for a foreign employee, depending on what you are doing.

Here on Koh Phangan it is also normal to work a 6 day week with one day off (you may be used to 2 or more). Daily hours are also usually 9 hours per day but again, it really depends on individual jobs.

Don’t give up!!
We’re not going to lie, it can be hard to find a job on Koh Phangan but if you are committed then with patience and pursuit you will find something that suits you perfectly!

Happy job hunting!