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Si Ri Panya's Fruit and Vegetable Competition

7 Sep

At Phanganist we believe the way to help our small planet and spread knowledge of healthy and sustainable living is to educate the next generation and this starts with us in our own community!

And that is exactly why we decided to run a fun educational competition at Si Ri Panya School. Students in grades 3 to 6 (age 7 to 12) had to create an encyclopedia style article about any one fruit or vegetable that can be found in Thailand. The encyclopedia style articles had to include the name of the fruit or vegetable in English and Thai, a description, how it is eaten (this could be a recipe), medicinal uses, how it is grown, as well as an image.

A huge well done to our newly published authors! You can see the winning children’s work published below.

Grade 3 Winner - Phoenix Kennedy-Phraisal

Grade 4 Winner - Laila Premkasin

Grade 5 Winner - Anawin Bartholomew

Grade 6 Winner - Mori Berger

Grade 3 Runner Up - Amber Bartholomew

Grade 5 Runner Up - Bradley Duggins

Children in grade 1 and 2 also got involved with a huge munch and crunch session with of lots of yummy fruits including durian which definitely had the children making some funny faces and holding their noses.

The children who range from age 5 to 7 then had to draw and label one of the fruits they had tried.

In grades 1 and 2 all work was so fantastic it was impossible for us to choose just one winner, so we have included all their work for you to see in a collage below.

Grade 1

Grade 2

Over the last 6 months Si Ri Panya have been cultivating their own school vegetable garden. The vegetables are grown and taken care of by the children and when ready the children pick the vegetables and take them to the kitchen ready to eat for their lunch!

This year the children have grown chili, papaya, long green beans, morning glory, eggplant, pumpkin, limes, bananas, pineapples, aloe vera and Roselle flowers which are dried and turned into a yummy drink.

For the children at Si Ri Panya the school vegetable garden has become a powerful learning tool; children become excited about science, mathematics and nutrition through hands-on exploration and gardening experiences. Creative skills, physical fitness and team-building can also be developed through gardening.

A school vegetable garden creates an enthusiasm for learning and a sense of responsibility. A garden can also bring a community together when parents, students and community members work together. And as the saying goes many hands make light work.

If you would like to find out more or support this project with seeds, pots or fertilizer please phone or email: 0822898147 /

Lets ‘keep growing!’


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