You're in Good Hands with Bee from Bandon Hospital Koh Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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Bee is the international Insurance co-ordinator at Bandon Hospital on Koh Phangan, just 5 days into her new role on the island we went to see her.

Although Bee is new to the role at Bandon on Phangan she in fact did the same job on Koh Samui. Originally from Kam Phang Phet in the North of Thailand, Bee moved down to take a job in Samui and moved to Phangan 2 years ago whilst continuing to work on our sister island before moving roles to be closer to home here on Koh Phangan.

Sawa dee ka Bee, so how did you get into this type of job?
Through experience, I was working for this kind of job before I resigned from my ex-company and moved to Bandon.

How did you learn English?
By just being around people!

What things do you deal with?
I deal with contact the insurance company, in case any further clarification is required regarding the insurance plan, receive and rectify insurance related complaints from the customers and Insurance companies. To check all the insurance company rejected claims and make correction with the coordination of relevant personnel and send back to the insurance company.

It must be unnerving to be a foreigner in a hospital, do you help them?
I do a bit of both but here at Bandon all of staff & doctors are professional all speak very good English very friendly and kindness to the patient, then I don’t have to so much.

What do you think is nice about Bandon Hospital on Koh Phangan?
I’ve only been at this Hospital for a few days but for me the first impression what makes me happy, all of the people are very friendly. The hospital has good facilities which are all high tech.

What do you like about living on Phangan?
It’s a tropical island so compared to Samui which has now become busy, here it is more relaxed. It can be busy but not like Samui. The people here are all relaxed and very nice.

What are your hopes for the future?

In the future I would like Bandon Hospital to become an Emergency Center & Health Care Center Worldwide. We’ll give more options to the patient as lots of people have problems and give more choices to make them happy.

Bee would like everyone to know that they accept all types of travel insurance, don’t get confused just go in and get yourself better again!