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How To Be An Eco-friendly Traveler In Koh Phangan

6 Dec 2019

Even the smallest of decisions can make all the difference in the world.  Here’s how to do your part in conserving this magical destination as well as help save the planet while you do it!  

As you pass through or decide to stay in Koh Phangan, make sure you do what you should to keep the place as nice, if not better, than how you found it!  It will keep the local environment beautiful and help with the overall global environmental issues of today.

You don’t have to be a superhero to make a difference, all you have to do is be a normal person doing the right thing.  Every choice you make can impact everything around you more than you can ever imagine The decisions you make can affect the lives of communities all over the world.  

Here’s a list of choices you can make that will empower the local community as well as bring you closer to the people that live here and contribute to a greener planet overall:


Respect Wildlife

Do not litter when you go on a hike. Do not feed wild animals.  The habitats here are breathtakingly beautiful. 70% of the island is natural forest.  The beaches are unbelievable too. Don’t throw your garbage in the ocean.

Even things like cigarette butts in the sand are a hazard that can kill wildlife.  

Pack Light

Heavy bags increase your carbon footprint as it adds weight to an airplane or vehicle making it use up more gas.  If you can, choose another mode of transportation other than flying because airplanes are the biggest emitters of CO2.  For every extra 100 pounds in a car, the fuel efficiency goes down by two percent! And this explains why extra baggage weight in an airplane costs more - they have to spend more on gas.

Reuse Sheets And Towels

If you get a new towel and have the hotel change your sheets every day even if they are not dirty, it is a totally unnecessary waste of water and electricity which will negatively impact the environment.  

Turn the Lights Off

When you leave your room, turn off all the lights and anything else using up electricity unnecessarily.  


Use Reusable Bottles, Containers, and Bags

Rather than using single-use plastic bags, have a reusable bag for when you go shopping.  Also, for dirty laundry, use a Pack-It Sport Laundry Stuffer to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones instead of using a new garbage bag every time between laundry sessions.  For daily water, refill your reusable bottle at a refill station instead of buying a bottle of water every day or several times a day. You’ll save a lot of money too!

Eat and Drink Local Food

Imported food had to be shipped in and therefore have a big carbon footprint.  Eating local food means your meal didn't have to travel far before reaching your plate.  In addition, you support the local community!

Join a Beach Cleanup

There are several organizations in Koh Phangan doing beach cleanups all the time - for example Trash Heros, and Green Cross.  Check about joining in on the fun and get some sun, make some new friends, exercise, and help the environment all in one go!

We are the stewards of the Earth and with that comes the responsibility to maintain the planet and do the right thing.  You have to care about the planet because the whole thing is really your home, no matter where your actual home is.