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Another Important Reason to Say No to Plastic Bags

7 Jun

The night of the 31st of May a team of people including vets were tending to a whale in Thailand close to the Malaysian border. The small pilot whale was calm and it was thought it was recovering.

The next day the team woke up at dawn and the doctor is prepared to evaluate the condition of the whale, it had vomited up plastic bags and everyone then began to understand the cause of the sweet sick whale.

They spent the afternoon in the sun, the rain and the wind protecting the whale, trying to keep it afloat and protect it from the heat when the doctor who was watching started to shout from the sea that the whale had had a strong bad turn.

The doctor rushed to see the symptoms and it took almost ten people to keep the whale moving and afloat.

One volunteer witnessed;
“I saw a plastic bag coming out of a whale's mouth, and I can't tell you how it feels”.

The doctor tried to encourage the whale to breathe and also volunteers helped the pulse of the heartbeat. This effort was done so many times, but the vitals of the whale never came back.

They decided to carry the whale into a shallow place to help the end of its life, the whale didn’t breathe, its heart didn’t dance, and it no longer responded to the eyes, all of these signs made everyone willing to let go of their hands and put him in peace in the late afternoon of June 1st.

The Whale chose to leave on a rainy day.

That evening, everyone's work was not over. They had to move the whale with a crane from the municipality's rescue  sources in the area.

Researchers and doctors decided to dissect and carry out an autopsy that evening.

When the autopsy was carried out the doctor finds that many organs are not normal and also they notice the stomach.

When the doctor cut the knife down from the esophagus to the end of the stomach they found it was full of plastic! From the esophagus until the end of the stomach, a weight 8kg, 85 pieces!

“This amount makes everyone stunned and very sad. In fact, once again, the garbage caused by our human tribe attacked another kind of animal”.

The team and volunteers made an amazing effort to save the whale including the department of research and development of marine resources and the gulf coast of Thailand.

“I hope that one day the work of everyone around the whale, both of Thai whales and other sea conservation groups will be loud enough to give people who don't have a chance to know to come to  understand like I know. To understand, realise and change something so that The Whale and other sea animals have a chance to live in a clean, safe place”.

The Earth, the sea and the world are not built just for human species. The animals and other creatures have the right to live in this world as much as people.

So as if you didn't already need many reasons to say no to plastic bags here is the close to home reason and evidence of the damage that one use items can do to our beautiful Country and wildlife.

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