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Papaya - The Island Fruit and its Benefits

12 Mar 2016

For those who might not yet know, the papaya fruit is an oval, pear-shaped fruit, sweet with the texture of butter.

Papaya grows every day of the year, and there is a significant increase in the quantity during summer.

Papaya is very easy to grow, and can even be grown in a pot at home, which may yield to perfect fruit..

Papaya has many nutritional benefits, and it is still considered to be a traditional herbalist medicine.

Medical Benefits -

‘Radiant skin’ -  Applying Papaya to the skin can be an excellent answer for acne and skin infections.

The sap, also called papain, helps to dissolve dead skin cells, which gives the skin a healthy glow.

‘Papaya and cholesterol’ - Papaya is high in fiber so it helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Papaya also contains enzymes that helps to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the body, thus helping to prevent heart attacks.

Prevention of skin aging - papaya antioxidants help to prevent skin aging.

Papaya seeds -  very good for treating intestinal worms in the body.

Digestion -  papaya papain enzymes helps digestion and can help to prevent constipation and facilitating the overall functioning of the digestive system.

Good for the intestines -  Juice extracted from papaya helps to cure intestinal infections. The juice does this by bowel cleansing and reducing pus and mucus. To heal on a regular basis, we have to eat papaya frequently.

A food ‘diet’ that contains a lot of nutritional value -  on the one hand, papaya is loaded with nutritional values, while on the other hand it contains a very small amount of calories, so it's a great solution for people who try to reduce a few grams of surplus weight.

Pregnant? - Eating a tiny piece of papaya in the morning can relieve morning sickness when pregnant.

Papaya and the immune system - the papaya is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C to give a boost to the immune system, which makes papaya a very good solution for people suffering from fever, cold or flu.

Hair - shampoo enriched with papaya essence is a very good treatment and helps prevent dandruff.

Treatment for irregular menstrual cycle - papaya helps maintain a regular cycle, and even helps to relieve pain and improve the cycle of a regular menstrual flow.

Papaya and the kidneys - in cases where the disorder is associated with kidney toxicity, studies found that extraction of immature papaya helps the kidneys recover.

In conclusion,

Papaya fruit is awesome, with a great many nutritional benefits.

As we have seen papaya can very easily enhance the quality of our life, and not only that, it is also very delicious.

So what are we waiting for, the papaya is everywhere on the island, and we can even grow it ourselves.

Bon Appetit.