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Phanganist Presents Rob Hes

31 Jan 2020

Phanganist meets DJ and Producer Rob Hes who is on the island of Koh Phangan for the first time. Based in Amsterdam, Holland where Techno is big and they have a lot of festivals, he tells us about how he started his DJ career at the age of 16. Rob started with Gabba, the hard stuff! Then moved on to Techno and now Melodic Techno.

He explains the differences in the genre for us. Rob Hes will play Addict Forest Club here on Phangan which is a relatively new party focusing on all the best Techno music.

Learn what he is up to for the year ahead and his recommendations for good sunset spots here on the island.

Rob Hes’s sound can be described as raw, energetic but melodic and musical at the same time. He is one of those artists where you immediately recognize his work as being his, without him repeating a few signature tricks over and over again.

After establishing his label Pursuit in 2018 Rob has added an extra gear and not only released his first EP on Pursuit with a remix from Reinier Zonneveld. But also followed up with releases from Sama, Teenage Mutants, Ron Costa, Ramon Tapia and Drunken Kong on Pursuit.

This hasn’t stopped Rob on releasing is own music on Oliver Huntemann's Senso and Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek label and tour extensively through the world. Rob has locked down his style, which is reflected in the sound of his label Pursuit. With upcoming releases on Joris Voorn’s Green and his own imprint Pursuit 2019 Rob has laid the foundation to take over the game in 2020.