Phanganist presents K - PAUL

12 Feb 2021

K - Paul visits us for a catch up after we last spoke to him in 2016 at Waterfall Party. He has continued to visit the island of Koh Phangan each year and to play Waterfall Party even though he's technically 'on holiday'. Back this time with a new energy, a fit mindset with the help of Muay Thai and better English lol, we chat about his DJ career and what makes Waterfall Party so special to him and how this year's party has been.

K-Paul is a happy go lucky guy and goes by "You can only bring fun to the audience when you love what you do". “We were never boring because we were never bored”. Kai Paul does not want to arrange himself in a cozy studio to reign over his machines. He is drawn to any imaginable live situation. It doesn’t matter to him whether there are 20.000 festival visitors or 200 sweaty figures in a dark cellar. See ya. Here or there.