Phangan Techno Boy - An Interview with Peter G

7 Jul 2022

For most of you, no further introduction is needed for Peter G. It is due to Peter's years of hard work and commitment to supporting quality underground music on Koh Phangan, an otherwise trance-infused island at first, that today one can experience quality undergound electronic music almost anywhere.
As a co-organizer of Guy's Bar and founder of what has become a highlight of the party scene on Koh Phangan at Eden, Peter has brought the club culture to life on Koh Phangan. Peter is a talented kid from Germany and a self-described Techno Boy!
We start from the beginning of the story, really getting into the details of how the music scene has evolved here on the island. Peter G really had to start DJing as the music he liked was not being played. Enjoy the journey through the evolvement, back to some parties that no longer exist and on to some new ones even emerging in the last year.
Peter has taken a well-needed year off, using his time to get into new hobbies like gardening and cooking!
Enjoy the chat as we did!