DJ Wiz Calypso - Drop In Bar

12 Feb 2021

Meet DJ Wiz Calypso also known as Wit. Wit has been djing at Drop In Bar for 5 years now meaning he's played 55 Full Moon Parties!

It takes proper full power to keep people dancing on Haad Rin beach, reading the crowd and knowing what style of music they're up for! Drop In Bar are presenting their new concept of a two-day day party this full moon, playing House music with a great line up on this amazing beautiful beach.

As the longest running bar on Haad Rin Nok beach, Drop In Bar is the bar in Haad Rin throughout the year and remains one of the focal points during Full Moon.

This is where it all began, the world renowned Full Moon Party. Full Moon started at the back end of the 80's as a monthly gathering of free-thinking party hungry travelers and locals of the island and has now developed into a world renowned and loved party event which now features in most, if not all Top 10 Global Parties lists; and rightly so !