Keeping the Trance Alive on Phangan with Koi

12 Feb 2021

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Dj Koi came to Koh Phangan twenty years ago from Surat Thani.

At the time there were not many parties but Koi had come because of his friends who were living here. Koi say’s that Koh Phangan has changed a lot but he loves the ‘good nature, good music good parties and people too. The good everything!’

How did you get into Trance and Djing?

Twenty years ago when I came here, my friend was a good Dj playing Psy Trance and the organiser of Blackmoon culture, this is why I came. I listened to the sound of Trance and then learnt from my friend, he taught me.

What is special for you about Trance music?

The people and the music, everybody can enjoy it.

How did you get involved with Shiva Moon?

My friend was the organiser and I went to the party and thought it was really good. It was Israeli people who started Shiva Moon and now I have been a Dj there for thirteen years!

Which other parties have you played at?

I have played Blackmoon culture, Ban Sabaii, Shiva and Full moon, Jungle Experience and the Waterfall Party. Full moon has changed a lot over the years, there are many more buckets!!