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Dedicated to Jungle Experience - Dj Kuma

20 Feb 2016

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Hey Lovely Kuma! So what have you been up to since we last saw you?
Hello everybody, I’m super excited as always to be back in Koh Phangan especially when I’m playing the massive Jungle Experience festival.

You have played Jungle Experience many times, what do you love about it?
I can’t actually remember the right amount of times I have played this amazing festival but I think it’s about ten or more times.

My first Jungle Experience gig was in August 2012 and it surely lives up to the venue's name, oh boy what an EXPERIENCE it was for me! The energetic crowd, the venue, the sound system, the team that put it together..ever since that day I have told myself that this is the party that I would love to play again and again and I have dedicated myself to it.

(Kuma's first Jungle Experience in 2012)

Over the years, experiencing playing at this massive festival and seeing it grow from strength to strength and expanding, Jungle is always evolving with their good team. I have learned to understand the mechanics of having a good show, I have played every single set, from opening to middle set to playing the peak hours and closing it in the morning.

And have you got anything special up your sleeve for February 22nd?
What makes it even more special is when you’re playing along with all your good DJ friends, everyone knows each other's strength and that keeps the rhythm flowing smoothly and picking up gradually untill peak hour climax, keeping it going on right until the morning, still having a large amount of people dancing away, way past sunrise.

For me every Jungle performance is a special one so this 22nd will be nothing less than the others. You can expect nothing but the best energy driven TECHNO from me.

Have you been doing much with Moon Island Records recently?
For MOON ISLAND RECORDS I have a few records done with them and we are waiting for the release dates very soon.

And how is Malaysia treating you, any happening parties you want to tell us about?
QUINTE the notorious underground institution known for its late hours and strict music policy has opened back up, although it’s smaller than the previous one, the underground vibes remain the same and so does its NEXO analogue sound system.
I’m the resident and music director for it.

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
I’m really excited about two things, WOMB in Tokyo Japan, known as one of the best dance clubs in the world which I will be playing on the 5th of March. Being the only Malaysian DJ to ever perform there makes me feel honoured.

And another is meeting all my DJ friends in Koh Phangan very soon. Not many know about this, most of my best DJ buddies are from Koh Phangan. I have a cool set of real DJs, ego friendly, true professional group of friends that I like to hangout with when I'm not performing.

2016 is definitely the year for JUNGLE EXPERIENCE as I see the huge amount of high quality international acts coming over to perform which makes it the most attractive festival for big name artists wanting to perform, it has definitely got the international circuits attention

And finally, give us a positive quote to keep us motivated for 2016...!....