A Catch up with Marco Loco before the Big Night Tonight!!

12 Feb 2021

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Hey Marco, so you have returned yet again to Koh Phangan, why do you like to come here?
The people, the energy and the beauty of the island keep pulling me back!

Are you looking forward to Jungle Experience, and why?
Very much so! It's my favourite big party to play in Thailand

What is special about playing Jungle?
The atmosphere for me is the best. Musically it's also perfect for me

What have you been up to over the summer?
I’ve been djing a lot! I had another full season in Ibiza. Picked up some nice new residencies there and played some great gigs all over the island as well as playing quite a bit in Spain on the mainland too. I also had Dj trips to Dubai, U.K and U.S to see my family

What was being back in the UK like?
Cold! Apart from that it was productive. I played a gig in my hometown Glasgow for the first time in a few years and got to see my family there too. I also reorganised my entire music collection which kept me very busy!

Where else do you like to play on Koh Phangan and have you got anywhere else booked in?
I'm a big fan of Loi Lay and look forward to playing there on the 29th. I'm also playing a big event on the 30th at Cha Cha moon in Samui with Rory Gallagher and Gui Borrato which I'm very excited about

What do you like to do here when you are not DJ'ing?
My main passion is producing and it's my favourite thing to do in Koh Phangan when I have the time. I also like to chill on the beach as much as possible!

Where are you right now and what are you doing (apart from answering my questions)?
Just finished breaky at Canteen and remembered I said I'd get this back to you last night... Sorry!

Have you got any music projects or collaborations that you're working on at the moment?
Yes I have three out of four of my own productions to finish along with a couple of new remixes too, which are gonna be really cool! I'm also looking forward to getting back in the studio with some KP amigos!

Are you friends with any of our local DJ's?
I’ve been coming to Phangan for five winters in a row now so I have met and become good friends with lots of the local djs... Including everyone on the bill for Jungle tonight!

Why should we come see you play at Jungle Experience?
It's where I can play what I really like to play and I always give it 110%!