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Philip arrived for the first time on Koh Phangan in August 2013 and has been on this amazing island since then. His first impression was immediately a feeling ofI could live here’. He met many cool like minded people, he loved the underground partyscene, the chill vibes and the kitespot was amazing so it all came together in this place.

Hi, Philip. Thank you for the interviewWhat does Kite Surfing mean to you?

Kitesurfing is a passion for me. I love the combination of water and the power of the wind. It keeps me fit and focused and gives me the feeling of complete freedom, adrenaline and euphoria. It is also perfect to clear my thoughts and dont have a single worry on my mind.

Where your knowledge and experience comes from? How did it emerge?
I had my first experience with kitesurfing 6 years ago but it really kicked off for me when I decided to leave my life in Belgium and went on a kitesurf trip to Brazil. Brazil has one of the best winds in the world so this was the ideal place for me to progress. After several months of kitesurfing in the best places along the north east coast I decided to make kitesurfing a main part of my lifestyle by becoming an instructor. At that time the International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) had instructor training courses running in Thailand so.. off to Thailand.
During my instructor training I learned a lot of new things about kitesurfing, equipment, weather and my favorite.. teaching psychology. I have a degree in psychology and worked long time in a sports center before so this combination was an ideal background for me to become a kitesurf instructor. Knowing how to motivate a student, having a lot of patience and a positive vibe is my main focus.
As soon as I achieved my IKO instructor certification I got a job offer at one of the kitesurf schools in Huahin and later on in Phuket. Here I gained my experience day by day.

How did you connect Kite Surfing to your life here?
After my time in Hua Hin and Phuket I got in contact with the school on Koh Phangan where I worked for the last 2 years. This was an amazing time with an amazing team. Cheers to Mica, Fitoe and the whole crewHere I gained a lot of knowledge about the conditions for teaching on Koh Phangan. When the second season came to an end I felt like I was ready for a new chapteropening my own school. I love teaching but I also felt like I need to progress in life and take on a challenge. Opening my own school gave me that chance to create something unique and completely do my own thing which I love.

What do you feel your Kite Surfing brings to the People?
Its very simple. My goal is to give my students the same feeling that I had when I did my first rides on the water. This feeling is indescribable and for me to be responsible for that is just amazing.

Do you find Koh Phangan to be a good place to learn Kite Surfing?
YESKoh Phangan is one of the best and easiest places to learn kitesurfing because of its flat, reef-protected waters, endless space and stable winds. This combination makes it ideal for beginners.

Where is your favorite place on Koh Phangan?
Too many but I will name a few.. To chill out with my friends would be at Sealove Bungalows. This sort of my second homeFor a good night out I go to Loi Lay, I love the energy in that place. And my favorite restaurant is the one 100m up the road from 7/11 towards halfmoon. I call itthe thai place’, some call it TicTac. Amazing cheap food and small guy who runs the places is really cool.


What are your Hopes & Dreams?
Well having my own kitesurf school is kinda a dream come true so I am very happy with that. Off course I hope that everything works out well and that I have many happy customers and a lot of wind.
Besides that I just wanna spend a lot of good times with the people I love, travel and be happy with the things in my life.

What is your life philosophy?
For me its all about good vibes and balance. Keep it chill and positive and this will make life easier. Also have an open mind, dare to take a risk sometimes and try to find that thing that makes you happy.

Why did you choose Kiteflip as the name?
I wanted something short, easy to remember and personal. In Belgium many of my friends call me Flip (my name is Philip) andflipis also used a lot in extreme sport tricks. And so Kiteflip was born. Although a Kiteflip isnt an official trick I hope one day I invent it and put my schools name in the history books 

What makes Kiteflip special?
I would say my close contact with the students. I like to get to know new people so I always spend some time with my students outside the lesson having a drink, showing them some cool places on the island etc..  At Kiteflip we want to make the people feel at home.

What lessons and services do you offer
We offer 3 types of lessons.


Discovery course

Who is it for?
The discovery course is perfect for those who are not really sure yet if kitesurfing is their 'thing' and who just want to explore this new and exciting sport.
It is also for those who just want to have an fun and thrilling day.

What do you learn during the discovery lesson?
- Basic knowledge about kitesurfing, the kitespot, wind and safety
- How to setup the kite
- How to fly the kite (70% of the lesson)

The best way to get to know the sport is to get into the water and fly the kite so this comprises the majority of the lesson. We let you feel the power of the kite in a safe way. After the discovery lesson you will be ready to progress to the next level.

Duration: 3 hoursWe always teach in groups of max 2 people. If we dont have another student you get a private lesson for the same price = 2 hours.

Price 4000 baht per person (local business owners get 25% discount)

Full beginner course

Who is it for?
This is the full course for anyone who wants to become an independant kitesurfer. This means having all of the theoretical and practical 'know-how' you need to be able to kite in a safe way.

What do you learn during the full beginner course?
- Deeper understanding of weather, wind, spot, gear, safety and control systems
- Learning the international hand signs and right of way rules
- How to setup the kite
- How to fly the kite
- How to launch and land the kite
- How to relaunch the kite after it falls on the water (water-relaunch)
- How to move the kite and generate power
- How to use the power of the kite to drag your body through the water (body-dragging)
- Riding the board (this will be the biggest part of the lesson)
- Self-rescue

In this course you learn everything you need. If you have done the discovery course before you will continue at the level you reached and progress to the next step. In this course boardriding will usually be the biggest part of the lesson. After you complete the lesson you can call yourself an independent kitesurfer and you will receive an IKO certificate.

Duration: 9 hours (usually spread over 3 days) We always teach in groups of max 2 people. If we dont have another student you get a private lesson for the same price = 6 hours.

Price: 11000 baht (local business owners get 25% discount)

Customized course

Who is it for?
This course is especially for those who already have some experience kitesurfing and need some assistance in honing their skills.

What do you learn during this course?
Because everybody has a different level of experience or different goals this lesson will always be adjusted to the student. For example:
- Refreshing of previously learned skills
- Supervising and bringing the kite back upwind for the student
- Improving certain aspects like kitecontrol, powermoves, waterstart, riding upwind
- Learning transitions (changing direction) and tricks like backroll, frontroll, etc..
- Anything that needs improvement or what the student would like to learn.

Because this lesson is customized to your skills and goals it will always be a private lessen one-on-one with an instructor. This way you will learn also much faster.

Duration: 2 hours private

Price: 4000 baht (local business owners get 25% discount)






Discovery course



  4000 baht pp



  3 hours


We give lessons in groups of max 2 people. If we dont have another student you get a private lesson for the same price = 2 hrs


Full Beginner course



 11000 baht pp



  9 hours


We give lessons in groups of max 2 people. If we dont have another student you get a private lesson for the same price = 6 hrs


Customized course



  4000 baht pp



  2 hours


This lesson is always a private lesson because here we focus on your specific skills and experience you already have in kitesurfing.


Besides lessons we also offer rental equipment for people who already know how to kitesurf.

Rental1 hour1 dayBoard200 baht600 bahtHarness 50  baht150 baht Kite + bar900  baht2500 bahtcomplete1000 baht3000  baht




All our lessons meet IKO standards (International Kiteboarding Organisation). After you complete the lesson we will provide you with a IKO certification card that is recognized world wide.

Everybody can learn how to kite, young or old, fit or not. It is more a technical sport so you don't need a lot of strength. The only requirement we have is that you are able to swim.

Whats is included in the price? Lesson, equipement, lycra shirt, iko certificate, free photo/video shoot with gopro and happy times.

If there is no wind = 100% refund.

Come and join us!!!

Contact details

kiteboardingschool - koh phangan

Mac's Bay resort
64/5 moo 2 Bantai Koh Phangan
84280 Surat thani

When you drive from Thong Sala to Haadrin turn the first street to the right after the 7/11 in Ban tai. You will see the Kiteflip roadsign and the big blackmoon party sign. Follow 300m straight to the beach at Macs Bay resort

Venue Info
098 731 5940