The Wonder of Wat Samai Kongka

12 Feb 2021

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The beautiful Wat Samai Kongka Temple (Wat meaning temple in Thai) is located just past the government hospital.

This is temple where you will find a strange sculpture exhibition which we have written about before (see below) but this time we are here for the temple and grounds themself.

Whether you pass it in the daytime or the night time it will certainly make you blink with its hundreds of mirror mosaic tiles glistening in the sun or the atmospheric moonlight.

There is a very amazing story behind Wat Samai Kongka and an artistic graveyard for the head monk masters throughout hundreds of years dating back to six to seven hundred years ago.

You will find a beautiful Buddha temple inside and the Buddha's life story told in paintings next to it.

If you are luck then you may meet one of the residing monks who are usually glad to explain and tell the story.

We have heard from Phanganist readers that a resident monk who lives near the entrance to the temple is especially kind and gentle and willing to share life stories and life discussions.

Wat Samai Kongka is one of the best places for walking and seated meditation with some great masters.

As you can see from our photographs, the grounds are immaculate, lushess, colourful and calming with great spiritual buildings to match.

Always remember to be respectful when visiting a temple and we hope you enjoy your time there.