Tan - The Honey Man

12 Feb 2021

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Tan is the Honey Man! Phanganist was lucky enough to be invited along to the day when they harvest the honey out and learn more.

This was possibly one of the nicest afternoon pieces of ‘work’ I have done, a beautiful, smiley friendly family of three who live traditionally amongst nature.

They use coconut husks to burn which creates a smoke to lure the bees out from the hive so they can remove the honey without being stung, although Tan’s son was stung a little and so was I on my stomach, through my tshirt! Ha-ha!

The bees are native to Thailand and are attracted by the many sweeet plants and flowers in Tan’s area.

Tan’s son did the job under the watchful eye of his father and mother, he has been learning for about one and a half months now.

The hives are in boxes in the garden and Tan keeps an eye on when the bees are there, then they harvest and sell the honey - which is delicious and fresh straight from the hive!

Tan the Honey Man has done this for all of his life and was born on Koh Phangan. The have lots of different fruit trees like mango, coconut and rambutan which the bees love and this makes the honey so beautiful.

You can find Tan The Honey Man on the road to Wat Po on the left hand side, please support local business and trust me, this is the best honey.