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Koh Phangan at Low Season; Peaceful and Full of Love

31 Oct 2019

It’s the time of the year when some people will leave and go somewhere else for work, it’s also the time of year where others stay and relish in the peace and quiet.

The roads are clearer, you may actually see other locals drive past and have time to wave or even better, not be so busy that you can actually visit your friends.

There may not be so many tourists coming but there is a nice steady flow of lovely people arriving still daily and it can be easier to make friends with less chaos and party around you.

It is what some call ‘low season’. Almost like the calm before the storm of December and the peak time of New Year here on the island when it is at its fullest.

One of the best things about this time for travellers is that it is cheaper and many places will be offering special deals. You may even find that you don’t necessarily have to book in advance your accommodation (depending on taste) as there are a lot of free bungalows, beds and hotel rooms available at this time.

Everywhere is less packed, you can enjoy a romantic dinner without the restaurants being full to the brim and find that the beaches are more like the deserted paradise you imagined.

The people are more relaxed at this time without having to cater to hundreds of people at once so it is a great opportunity to meet and speak more with locals, you can even improve your Thai language skills this way.

It is a great time on Koh Phangan to learn or partake in something new. Tours around the island or to nearby Angthong, Koh Tao and Samui will have less people on them and many classes including the popular Muay Thai or Yoga will also be less busy, giving you more of a personal service than at times of peak season where everything is fully booked.

You can still enjoy the island’s bustling nightlife with markets and bars to browse and live it up a bit but with less crowds, more space to move and a calmer atmosphere to enjoy and take it all in.

The Full Moon Party and other events still take place once a month so you can shake out those dance moves at one of the world's most famous parties, meet other travellers and experience this epic event but with a smaller crowd which to be fair is still on a grandiose scale which you won’t forget!

Low season coincides with rainy season here on Koh Phangan but don’t let that put you off at all. Some days there is no rain and others yes, there is, but it is a welcome refresh to the atmosphere and if you are lighthearted and happy enough then you may find yourself dancing or swimming in it with delight. Most showers will be a big downpour which lasts minutes, then it will clear up again quite quickly so just be prepared that you may have to stop and get some shelter!

It is slightly cooler but still tropical and hot yet not as intense as the superheat of the ‘summer’ months. Because of the rain here the jungle will be luscious and green, plants will be vibrant and alive which is beautiful to look at from one of Koh Phangan’s viewpoints.

Let us all take a nice deep breath, breathe in the calm air that surrounds us at the moment on the island. Enjoy it while we can until the busy times arrive...

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