King of Thailand's Birthday and Buddha Days

28 Jul 2018

King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailands birthday is July 28th 2018.

He will turn 65 years old and the occasion is respected by the Thai people.

July 28th was made a public holiday for the first time this year and it will be a grand event with celebrations abroad and at home.

In Bangkok there will be a alms-offering on Friday for more than 600 Buddhist monks and as part of the birthday people from all over Thailand are being encouraged to do good deeds such as at the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre in Chonburi, around 75 km (47 miles) southeast of
Bangkok, men and women from the Royal Thai Navy, students and Thai celebrities released 1,066 turtles into the sea.

As July 28th falls on a weekend, the official holiday will be Monday 30th, however we still respect Saturday 28th and so this is why our famous Full Moon Party is on the 29th.

On H. M. King's Birthday, most government offices, banks and businesses will be closed. Many shops will remain open and there is no ban on the sale of alcohol.

As well as the Kings Birthday, the Country also respect Asahna Bucha also known as Buddhist Lent on July 27/28th. This is one of the five Buddhist holidays on which the sale of alcohol is prohibited. All government offices and main bank branches will be closed.

You may see the local people wearing yellow and this is for these occasions.

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