How to Travel Forever…

12 Feb 2021

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Have you caught the travelling bug and you don’t want to stop? This happens to many people, especially when they return home and experience culture shock in even their own home countries!

More and more people are travelling for long periods of time, we don’t mean months, we are talking about being away from ‘home’ for years. Hopping from one country to the next and discovering different places and cultures such as our very own Koh Phangan.

We are a privileged couple of generations as in the last 30 years flying with aeroplanes and flights has quickly become big business and there is now lots of competition for cheap flights making flying the norm and accessibility to foreign countries super easy and quick.

Local flights are sometimes cheaper than other transportation and people in Europe think nothing of flying from one country to the other for an affordable vacation.

Along with this, Technology also helps us to travel for longer periods of time. You can compare prices and plan your trip to save money and be efficient. Technology also has a big impact when it comes to supporting yourself whilst you are away.

Lots of people, you will of notice, call themselves ‘digital nomads’, this means that with the help of the internet they are able to work from wherever they want in the world as they work online.

To be able to travel forever you will need some kind of income, even if it is not much.

There are more jobs becoming available online which you can take advantage of, the only thing you will need to check is that in each location you travel to that they have sufficient Internet or WIFI connections which is not hard to find nowadays.

You need to be able to get by on a rather smaller amount of budget if you want to travel forever as although you can save money in certain countries the ‘travel’ itself will be the biggest expense and you won’t want to be working so much in order to be able to continue this travelling.

The internet is a big saviour for this, you can contact different places before you get there, to add to your planning and help make everything run smooth. Contact them about volunteering in exchange for accommodation and other benefits that will save you money although it is suggested to research whether you have the right kind of visa for this depending on the country.

Another thing you could do is to work somewhere for money whilst you’re there, save up and then you’ll have enough money to move on to the next place, this also gives you time to decide on the next destination step.

Trades and careers that seem to be easily transferable from country to country are mostly in hospitality and you will find areas with tourism can make use of these skills such as waiters and waitresses, chefs, cleaners, bar staff etc. Remember again to check the visa situations even more with this, for example
it is illegal in Thailand to work for money on a Tourist Visa, you must have a work permit and Non B visa here but this could be different in other Countries.

So, if you want to be able to travel forever you will need some kind of steady income or at least a safety net. Think about working really hard and saving a lot before you make your journey so that you can then reap the rewards of life experiences from all the travel you can do!

We are sure there are other ways to travel for long periods of time but we wouldn’t want to inspire the not so ethical approach so get stuck in, get planning and we hope you come to visit Koh Phangan along the way!