Does the island feel normal again?

12 Feb 2021

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So it’s kind of in agreement that we will never go ‘back to normal’ but since lockdown measures have been eased this last week in particular, does Koh Phangan feel just back to normal in the blink of an eye?

Of course compared to the rest of the world we are very lucky here that even at the height of these measures things remained pretty easy going. The island had one case of the virus, dealt with it professionally and quickly, the person left and we have remained with (luckily) no more cases.

The roads were extremely quiet, there were a few weeks when everyone stayed home but really it just seems like low season now? Who agrees?

After the initial shock of the situation eased and relaxed it seemed that the community started to move more around quite quickly. At sunset times and the end of the working days the traffic on the main roads has seemed quite ‘touristy’ again.
normal again koh phangan
Now the food markets, restaurants and other businesses have opened, and although there is still a curfew in place, the atmosphere seems to be how it always has been, just a bit quieter for this time of year.

With Gyms also now given the go ahead to open, this means people can go workout back in their familiar territory, maybe even leading to more socialising which as long as still respecting the measures could be good for the economy.

Does the island feel normal to you?