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Celebrating 27 Years of Full Moon Parties - Chandet from Drop In

21 Mar

Sawas Dee Ka Chandet, what is your Koh Phangan story?
My family are from Koh Phangan and I was born here. I left to study in Bangkok when I was eleven and returned again when I was twenty one.

Over those years I kept coming back when I had holidays and I would always be at Drop In Bar helping my Uncle.

How did Drop In get started?

My Uncle Lek started Drop In Bar in 1989.

He had a girlfriend at the time from Austria and when he visited her there he saw a bar called Drop In Bar that he really liked so when he came home he decided to make one here.

And what was it like in the beginning?
It was a very small bar and because there were no electricity on the island we had a small generator.

We didn't have CDs but played cassette tapes. It was the first beach bar on Haad Rin Beach.

How has Drop In changed and developed over the years?

My Uncle ran the bar solo until 1999 when I returned from Bangkok. I started working at the bar cleaning tables and slowly worked my way up.

I was very fascinated about music and would sit after closing time and listen to different songs for hours. I thought myself to DJ and started DJ'ing in 2000.

We worked together and saw more and more customers coming to Drop In Bar so when the place next to the bar became available I rented it and we made Drop In Bar bigger.

A few years ago my Uncle decided to retire and I took over the whole place my self. I felt it was time for a renovation of the bar and I have spent the past two years upgrading to a more commercial and modern beach bar.

It’s a long process and the customers change all the time but we try and keep up with demands and stay up to date.

You are celebrating 27 years, have you got anything special planned?
We have special DJ's joining us in the celebrations. Adam Matson who is a DJ at Ark Bar in Koh Samui and local Koh Phangan DJ Aaron Fevah.

Everyday's a party at Drop In and this day will be no different

Why do you think Drop In has been so successful?

People think it's easy to run a bar but you need a lot of experience and on a place like Haad Rin beach where people can walk between bars it's very important to be able to read the crowd.

What do you enjoy about the island in your free time?
I spend my time with my wife and our five year old daughter and ten month old son.

I drive my Harley and spend time with friends and family. This is what keeps me sane

And what is your life philosophy?
Life is short so make the best of it while you can.

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