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Pixie Pinkerbell McQueen is Back in Magic Phangan

31 Jan 2016

Welcome back to Koh Phangan Pinkerbell, are you glad to be back?

Thank you! I’ve been away in Norway since the end of September as my oldest son graduated from high school so I went to the ceremony and spent time with my family, but I had the urge and that magnetic force to come back here where I belong very quickly.

I purchased the ticket the day before and forgot my visa card and everything in Norway when I was travelling, I was travelling with no money and thought ‘oh shit how am I supposed to get to Koh Phangan?’.

I had to ask Skunk to help! I was stuck at the airport for over twenty four hours and arrived on the island on new year's eve!

In total I have been living here for almost nine years, the only reason I leave is to see my children.

Originally I was travelling around Asia in my car, one day I picked up a hitchhiker who told me he was going to Koh Phangan, I had never been so this made me want to visit. I immediately fell in love with the place, I thought to myself ‘this is my place’.

I got myself a reputation very fast so I get the feeling that this is where I belong, it is good for us outsiders that don’t fit in anywhere else, everyone is on the same level.

What was the first party you went to since being back?
It was new year's eve! I went to Haad Rin, went on the beach and to the Fu Bar area then to Backyard afterwards.

It was like I had only been gone for five minutes, everyone was like ‘oh there you are! Where have you been?’ I told people that I had been taking a break to ‘maintain the sane’.

The parties have been escalating very quickly since I have been back! I now have a smartphone and 4G so people are calling me all the time and apparently I’m a VIP everywhere. Only yesterday did I manage to get a day where I stayed home and slept, I think my body really needed it.

What are your favourite parties here on Koh Phangan?
I have to say Backyard still is the best, I love Backyard. Waterfall party of course and I love Jungle Experience, even though I’m not working there anymore I still get treated as a VIP.

It is one of the parties where I get a lot of attention and I must admit that I love attention, I wouldn’t go out and dress the way I do if I didn’t love attention.

What do you plan to do this year on the island?
I never make plans because I live in the present, the past has already gone and I can only exist here in the present.

If I make plans then they never go to plan, I can think of something I want to do and have some kind of idea in mind but I am just grateful for what I have.

I am surrounded by beautiful people, nature, food and everything is perfect. Even yesterday when it was pouring down with rain I was listening to it and it makes me feel tranquil and gives me inner peace.

Where are your favourite place to relax?
It used to be where the old Blackmoon venue was, at the viewpoint, I still like it but when I’m traveling around I go to places that I didn’t think could get any higher so I don’t think I have found the perfect place yet.

Every place I see is a new breathtaking view, one of the best sights is when you have perfect weather and you’re coming in on the boat and you see the island and you know that you’re coming home!

You always look so creative even when you’re not at a party, so what inspires you?
You should take a walk inside my head, my imagination I think is way more exaggerated than everybody else's. Even when I am reading a book I can visualise it so much better than anyone else I think, when I explain it people they don’t get it, but in my head it’s totally normal.

I have so many things going on in my head, so many ideas, but I consider myself normal, I just love being like this.

If someone put me in a white suit and told me I had to look ‘like this’ or ‘like that’ then I think I would die. I like being able to express myself this way, I don’t care if I look ridiculous or like a cartoon with unshaved legs and no makeup, I don’t care because I know people notice me anyway. I am blessed from nature for looking like this
so I use it for it’s worth, but I do exercise a lot also!

I don’t take myself seriously and I don’t expect anyone else to.

What would you say to people coming to Koh Phangan?
This is the point of reason! You either hate it or love it there’s no in between. Lots of people get stuck here, it’s a typical story!


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