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Phangan's Changing Times with Long Timer Tony

6 Apr 2016

When did you first come to Koh Phangan and what was it like?
I first came in 1999 and it was very different with lots more nature. It was cheaper and not as commercial as it is today, people were more friendly rather than thinking about money.

There were more travellers than tourists, even the full moon parties had only about one hundred people, these were people who you could really connect with.

How often did you start coming back?

Since 2005 I have come every year, I came back for my friends, it is cheaper than other paces, you can stay relaxed, it’s a good way of life. You can relax and still go to parties.

The people that come every year are special and I made a good connection with them, they are like my family here.

I spend six months every year here and the rest in Malta, so I’m always by the sea.

What sorts of communities do you find yourself drawn into?
Any kind, people with a good vibe and a good smile.

What do you think of the Koh Phangan party scene over the years?

It has changed a lot, first of all they used to be until midday, people used to wake up at four or five in the morning and wake up with breakfast at a party.

There were no buckets, it was a time for real music, it was not commercial.

It’s changed because the parties don’t stay open late, there’s no after parties you just go chill on the beach.

I used to go to many of them but nowadays the music has changed, the scene has changed, it used to be more about communication rather than to get drunk and laid.

Do you think any good parties still exist now?
Not to my style but there are some good parties for sure. I like Trance myself so I go to Ban Sabai, Shiva Moon but also Backyard.

You are friends with Ssongg and Koi from Shiva Moon, what is special about them and the party?

It’s more of a family style party, cool people and not many bucketheads or when they do come they leave at 2am.

It’s a more friendly vibe, small but friendly. Shiva Moon has been there for ten years I think, I have been gong since then.

Koi and Ssongg are always into the Trance thing, Koi is one of the best thai psychedelic djs around, he’s always into his music.

What do you enjoy about the island in your free time?
I like Haad Son side and I like to go swimming, fishing, partying and to chill.

What do you hope for Koh Phangan in the next five years?

That it doesn’t become another Samui.

No more big hotels or luxury places where everything is new and taking most of the jungle for money. Also for it to be a more friendly environment.

Do you have a life philosophy?
Live and let live. Be peaceful and smile a lot.