International Childrens Day on Koh Phangan

9 Jan 2016


Today is Thailand's International Children's Day. All of the children of Koh Phangan have been invited to the city hall where they gather to eat and receive education funding and gifts.

The day event has already happened but there is a second gathering this evening where all of the children can come for the evening Saturday market, have food, educational funds and receive some presents.

This happens all over Thailand.

We spoke with the President of the Tourist Association Vannee Thaipanich about today's events

‘The purpose is that we want children to grow into good adults, we want them to know how important for the country this is. Not only do we want them to have a good education but also to have good manners, good behaviour and a good personality.

If we compare our country to a tree, the children are the main route to having a good and strong tree, good children can make the country strong and good for the future of the country.

It is organised by the Tourist Association’s many sectors but the main leader of this event is the chief executive of Koh Phangan with help from private companies including Haad Rin Business Association and any other sector who wants to join and help'.

This evenings events will begin at 5pm at Walking Street’s Saturday market.