Moontribe's Progressing Fashion

12 Feb 2021

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Moontribe Progressive Fashion is owned and managed by European couple Sandra and Jo (aka DJ Jo Moontribe), who have been living on the Island for many years. 

Their Store in Baan Tai has been open since 2009 and still running very successfully, with satisfied customers returning every year.

This season they will open a second store in the heart of Thong Sala.

The opening will be on 8th December to celebrate the Sixth Anniversary of their first store in Baan Tai.

How did the Moontribe Progressive Fashion story start?
We started out with selling colourful Trance Wear Clothing and making merchandise for Halfmoon Festival, Blackmoon Culture and Ban Sabaii, having small outlets inside each of these venues.

Since that time changes happened with the Island, now party clothes are mostly associated with the cheap, fluorescent Full Moon Party t-shirts. These are what the new age tourists want as a ‘souvenir’ of Koh Phangan’s Parties, which are not our style at all.

So in 2011 we decided to close down our outlets in the party venues and just kept the Store in Bantai and moved on to the more fashionable designs, not just party clothing.

What does Moontribe Progressive Fashion mean today?
Since the last few years we order, import and retail high quality clothing to offer our customers a wide selection of original designs by renowned western brands, most of which are found in Thailand exclusively at Moontribe Progressive Fashion.

Because we like to be different and creative we never stop looking for new designers to remain ‘Progressive’.

Every year when we are making our orders and preparing the forthcoming season’s collection we do our best to include a fresh selection of accessories and clothing for men and women. 

Our new Collection 2015-2016 is already on display in both shops and on our Facebook Page.

Will your new outlet in Thong Sala be an extension of the shop in Baan Tai or will it have its own 'flavour'?
As we say in Thailand, it will be “Same Same But Different”.

Same Quality, Same Originality, but Different Flavours!

The store in Baan Tai will be keeping the ‘Trancy’ touch because this is where our own hearts and roots are, and where our regular customers can still find their favourite, good quality Trance Wear among the newer styles.

The Store in Thong Sala will be more concentrated around the Urban Street and ‘Chic’ Fashion for people who are looking for unique and original designs that can be worn for any occasion even when they are back home.

Thank you for your time and good luck with the upcoming opening of the new shop in Thong Sala.
Thank you.

Everyone is more than welcome to come visit us whenever you like and have a look… no obligations!

Please note that the Store in Baan Tai is closed on Wednesdays and the one in Thong Sala will be closed on Saturdays.

Hope to see you soon!