Creating Nothing Less than Perfect is Nadine from Phangan Weddings

24 Dec 2015

Nadine came to Phangan for a few weeks on holiday in 2001.

After a couple of months back at home she decided go travelling. On her way to Australia she decided on another short stop over on Koh Phangan but as any other classic Koh Phangan story goes she never made it there.

“Well I did leave once. In 2004 I went to live in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt for about four years. I always missed the island though and didn’t particularly like Egypt, so  I came back again in 2008”.

Can I ask what you did in Egypt?

Working in diving, which is what I did on Phangan for years as well, before I set up the wedding business.

What is Phangan Weddings?
We are a wedding company based on Koh Phangan and organise weddings all around the island. Apart from weddings, we organise romantic dinners for wedding proposals or anniversaries as well as vow renewal ceremonies etc.

Tell me about a wedding?

We basically can arrange everything our couples need for their destination wedding i.e. accommodation, wedding ceremony, legal paperwork, catering, decorations, evening entertainment, make-up & hair etc.

Most of our clients are not on Koh Phangan but thousands of miles away, some have never even been to the island before. So there are a lot of emails going on and questions to be answered. Having to find the right venue and environment, the right decor, the right everything as every couple of course has a different vision of their special day.

Our job is to turn their dream into reality and make sure their day is nothing less than perfect!

I work with a great team, who all play a huge role in making sure our clients get exactly what they envisioned for their wedding day.

There is our handsome reverend, our designer who comes up with different ideas for each wedding, the photographers who take all of the gorgeous wedding pics, the girls who help preparing all the beautiful decorations and of course the boys who do all of the heavy lifting for us.

What got you into weddings?

I used to manage the office at Reefers Dive Resort.  A couple that used to dive with us for many years decided they wanted to get married on Haad Yao beach and they basically asked if I was interested in organising their wedding as they couldn’t do it themselves from their home country. This was on the 20th of December 2012 and they had around fifty wedding guests. That's how it started.

What do you love about weddings?
You are just working with happy people. You are helping someone to organise one of the most important and happiest days of their lives! Best job I have ever done.

Do you think everyone should get married?

Well, I am not married. But, I guess if you find the right person well then yes why not!!”

What do you do in your free time and what are your favourite places here?
I got into Pilates and Yoga about a year ago and am really enjoying this. I like to sit at the Worlds End, it’s where I get my coffee fix in the mornings and I spend a lot of time at home with my two dogs Petunia and Tequila. Apart from that I like to go out for a drink with some friends, most of the time somewhere around our village in Chaloklum.

What is your life philosophy?
Just have fun.