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Koh Phangan Essentials! What to Bring for short and long term

7 Dec

Xmas time, New year and Peak season is coming! Happy Holidays and see you on Phangan soon!!!

There are hundreds of articles on the internet about ‘What to pack for a Holiday’, ‘Suitcase checklist’, ‘Essentials for Travelling’ and so on but what do you need for a trip to Koh Phangan?

We asked around a bit and discussed it at the office and have come up with things that you should bring for both a short holiday to the island and also for more of a long term stay as well.

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Let's begin with some of the obvious, less serious ones first:

This was the most recurring suggestion. Pretty positive and maybe a bit too obvious, no one wants to see loads of grumpy buggers moping around, but necessary none the less! Make those smiles big and proud please!

Yes, a helmet is a good idea if you are planning on driving a scooter (with licence of course, we will cover this later) around the island.

However you can get these on Koh Phangan itself. Do bear in mind the quality though so if you want to be totally safe, bring a good quality one.

Bikini’s and Swimwear.
It was suggested that you should bring ‘lots of’ these items and yes if you are here for a holiday then this is a necessity for beach days, pool lounging, snorkelling etc. But again this is something you can also purchase here on the island.

An attach your lighter to yourself device.
Now this is a very good idea in fact. All over the world you can find the so called ‘lighter thieves’ in fact you may be one yourself? We can all be guilty of subconsciously picking up the wrong lighter, it’s not a damning thing but if you want to keep yours on you then a device to attach it to yourself is a good idea! You can in fact find certain key rings and gadgets online or in shops in thailand and here on Phangan. Great suggestion! Olivers idea of a lighter in the picture above however is not strongly reccomended.

Not what you would expect to bring to paradise island but it is definitely needed! Thailand and Koh Phangan have rainy seasons plus rain in other parts of the year so it is good to have a decent waterproof jacket. You can buy these kind of plastic sheet overcoat things here but they don’t last so best to bring a lightweight one with you.

Again not what you would expect but as we know it does get cold at night, especially in rainy season. Bring a jumper for those drives at night so you don’t catch a cold.

Yes you will need money, if you want to survive. It was suggested that you bring money AND friends but then this same person decided that you can make friends here so just bring MORE money.

Actually this is a really important one. You are in another country and culture. Respect the locals and also your fellow travellers.

Driving Licence.
If you want to drive a scooter or any other type of vehicle then we suggest to bring your licence. Don’t attempt to ride anything without past experience, it’s just dangerous.
Please be careful, don’t be one of the twats driving around super crazy on a bike way too big for himself, you don’t look cool, you will just look dumb. Thank you.

Yes Koh Phangan has a plentiful supply of flip flops but you will find it hard to get decent shoes. If you prefer something a bit more stable on your feet then bring your own. We also suggest not driving scooters barefoot, not cool.

Vinyl is making a bit of a come back here on our little paradise of Koh Phangan! So if you’re a vinyl dj then you will be well received, especially by The Local and One Love Bar which both hold regular vinyl nights. You can’t get vinyl anywhere close by so it really is a gem if someone has a good collection. Although this may be a bit heavy so you need to make the decision of whether you will need clothes or tunes.

Common Sense.
Please don’t forget this!

An Open Mind.
You will meet all sorts of people on this magic island, get ready to have your mind opened even more. But you will need an open mind to really enjoy your time here plus you will gain more for yourself if so. Don’t be afraid of Tantra, it won’t bite, hard. That dude at the party who is sweating, smiling and dancing like a troubled monkey is actually a really nice guy who runs the bar around the corner.

Flip Flops.
These were suggested many times but in all honesty you can get them here on just about every street corner, but again if you want quality then bring your own.

Now a few suggestions if you are planning to come for a longer stay or to live permanently…

The right type of visa.
This is important for a short stay aswell. More so for a long stay. We have all heard of the new six month visa but there seems to be a bit of confusion around this, but get it if you can. Get the longest visa possible. If you plan to work here, open a business etc then you will also need to find out about a work permit. Get a lawyer to help.

Some kind of plan.
Koh Phangan is a wonderful place with lots to offer if you would like to stay for a long time. But think what you want to do here otherwise you may end up just partying for six months and feeling completely knackered and wiped out by the end of your stay. Many people come to study at one of the many yoga schools, get some kind of qualification or even just spend their time focusing on what it is they don’t get enough time to do back home. But have some kind of plan.

An essential for those nights where you just want to chill and watch a film. Also good for work or writing etc. Most places on Koh Phangan now have good wifi and generally people can’t live without their laptop!

On that note….

Once you know what you would like to do here then bring your equipment if it is something that is needed. Photographers bring your cameras, film makers bring your stuff, artists bring your paint, brushes, easels and other good quality things as you will find it hard to get the same quality here on Koh Phangan. Most equipment is available from Bangkok but you don’t want to be going every week!

If your style is a bit different to the usual Phangan hippy beach wear then bring a lot of clothes. Emma Phanganist is now very sad that she gave away most of her wardrobe back in the UK thinking she wouldn’t need or want to wear it, don’t have the same regret. Plus you can always swap things with other people or customise.

Tea Bags.
It’s not just British people that love tea, everyone loves tea! Well maybe not everyone. If you miss your favourite brand whether it’s Twinnings Earl Grey or just plain ole Tetley then make sure you bring a good load with you. This will also make all of your tea loving friends very happy and love you even more.

Last but not least….

This is one mostly for the girls but could be relevant to boys also.


This also applies to makeup and cosmetics so bear this in mind.

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