Kit from the TAC talks about Be Good 4 Dad celebration

10 Dec 2015

Kit has been working hard for one month to arrange the Be Good 4 Dad event. He organises everything so that the community can get together and has been working on advertising so that everyone will know about the event.

“I get the policy from Vannee and I am the one who makes it happen!”

So tell us what you have been doing for Be Good 4 Dad?

This year is going to be extra special, we do something special for the king every year and this year we have more than one thousand people already!

Everyone will cycle for the king and our father.

To get this organised we have to ask the governor of Surat Thani and all of the event is supported by the Tourist Association but also sponsors from around the island.

Are people happy to get involved?
Yes everyone is happy, people are happy to help the king. We invite them and as we talk together we know that we all have the same heart. When you come to the event you can feel this to, all together.

In places like Bangkok they make a big gesture and we on Koh Phangan also do, we are together, all one family, even people from different places all over Thailand. There is no fighting, we are all just one big family.

What sponsors do you have?

We have drinks donated from Tesco Lotus, Big C, Makro and another shop run by First Farang. The government bank have also donated soft drinks. Buri Beach Resort and The Shore cook and give the food, they have to make something especially delicious!

The Recreation Association give food like fruit, french toast, soy bean drinks and delicious dumplings and First Western and the Government hospital take care of people and give body checks to make sure people are ready to bike.

We also have been using a car for the advertising which goes around to promote the event, telling people about Bike 4 Dad and invites them to come.

What is it like organising this?
Everything is working because we work together, everyone helps, not just me. We have a meeting and then I am the controller and put everything together.

If one of the team is missing then it doesn’t work but sometimes we fight together also ha-ha!

It has been more easy to arrange the Be Good 4 Dad event because of the Be Good 4 Mom, no one has to pay, its an easy way to get people together.

Do you have any other ideas for the Tourist Association?

We are planning to have a better reception for the tourists. In my office I want to make it nicer and cleaner.

A place that when the tourists are waiting they can relax, so we need to make it nicer. The new office is being done at the moment but maybe with the outside area we need to make it more interesting, some pictures or videos for when they are waiting so they can relax and drink coffee.

Tell us a bit about the work you do for Full Moon…
It is mostly young people who come for Full Moon so if they are very happy then it is likely they will come again, they miss us!

We try our best, it’s not always easy to control but it has got better and better. Even this year is better than last year, less crime, we have reduced it by ninety percent!

We tell the tourists how to take care and tell them if they have any problems then we can always help, except giving them money. We listen and see what we can help with.