A Fun Catch Up with the Famous Pizza Alek

6 Feb 2016

Alek! Hey! How are you today?
I’m ok and you? I feel you’re really lovely today...

Aw gracias, I’m great! So, tell people how you came to be on koh phangan…

The first time I came was in 2005 and I really fell in love, and you know I’m Italian and for us emotion is really important. I was immediately sure I wanted to live in Koh Phangan but it wasn’t the right moment so I went back home and continued my job.

I came back many times and just 2006 and 2009 were the moments I didn’t come in Thailand but the dream was still inside.

When I was here in 2012 on holiday I found the opportunity, it wasn’t the real plan but it was an emotional choice. Everything was perfect, I sat and spoke with myself and said ‘why not’ and after three days I opened the shop.

So how did you end up with your shop?
Like I say It wasn’t the real choice to have a pizzeria, it was the opportunity on Phangan.

I was a cook before and then I started here, a new place, new philosophy, new people, you know, we come from Europe, but forget that, I want to live here.

So how has Koh Phangan changed in your eyes over the years since you first came?
We can say a normal generation changed it, it’s still normal it’s not really changed.

You can feel it with the guys that come here for the first time, in their eyes, the eyes of the new people it’s the same emotion I had my first time, this comes from Koh Phangan.

We at Phanganist love your pizzas, what can people expect from your place?
A warm friendly vibe with great traditional italian food.

Okay some quick questions now...

Favourite food - Asian favourite is green curry, Italian I’m not so good to speak as I’ve been here a long time but I like fegatelli allo spiedo.

Animal - cat/tiger/feline

Music - Jazz and Psy Trance (I also like Gypsy and Folk)

Leo or Singha - Leo

Star Sign - Virgo

Jungle or beach - Jungle

Thong Sala or Haad Rin - No, please….

Ice cream or cake - Ice cream on the cake

Olives or parma ham - Parma ham

We’ll let you get back to work Alek but leave us with your life philosophy…
(Kisses Emma on the cheek) :-)