Balcony Parliament

13 Sep 2018

Bad news travels fast, its a shame but unfortunately its true. But fear not! Koh Phangan is full of interesting, crazy, wonderful, eccentric personalities always up to shenanigans so that you wont be the hot topic for very long.

From balcony to balcony, theres always something to gossip about. Its never that serious, well for the most part.

Someones done this, been there, fallen over and dropped their pants whilst drunk or worn a horrible dress or something but the next day there will be something else that people are talking about.

The council sit, on the balcony and cast their views of the weekstalk’. The head of the house is the person who owns said balcony and the exclusively invited members of parliament each have different roles to play.

Theres the message carrier, he who does not belong to one particularbalconybut who is friends with and frequents them all to bring news of the day.

The main speakers, twenty percent of the group who take up eighty percent of the conversation.

The other sixty percent that comments here and there and then the rest who are so quiet, you may not even know they are present. But they will take in all of this knowledge.

Someone will be in charge of social media, they are present but kind of not there as they will be constantly on their phone, maybe even messaging other balcony parliaments to make sure no one is missing out on anything.

Every balcony has to have a 7/11 guy (or gal), this person is in charge of fetching refreshments for the tiring council. Laying in a hammock is tiring business you know!
Hammock Gallery Koh Phangan
Common subjects that you can find being discussed at Balcony parliaments are -

People taking on dogs full time

Baby arrivals

Reporting your experiences from the party

People selling their bikes

New restaurant/bar openings

Special moments

Visa changes

Tales of Koh Phangan from the past

And of course many, many more

Balcony Parliament meetings can last from one hour to the whole day, many members will come and go depending on if they have other social activities elsewhere but they will always return as a loyal balcony member.

What do you and your council discuss on your balcony and who takes which role? We would love to know!