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Thank You to Everyone who Supported Charlie's Children's Charity's Annual Kids Day!

30 Sep 2016

Phanganist caught up with a very tired out Charlie from ‘Charlie's Children’s Charity’ to hear how the annual event in Nakhon Si Tammarat had gone this previous Saturday 24th of September...

‘There was a lot of tears and emotion’.

The bikers came from all over including Koh Phangan and Samui and the weather was perfect for the day ahead.

How were the children when you first got there, were they excited?
It was like they had won the lottery, imagine you get the news you have won one million Baht… it is like that for them!

Some had never seen the ocean before, what were their reactions?
They were supposed to sit down and have food but you could forget that, they were in the ocean within seconds!

They raided the toy box and had the play trucks in swimming with them.

We took the food out to the banana boat so they could eat it out on the sea, they just did not want to lose any time playing in the ocean, it was amazing and incredible.

The priorities for the day were food and fun with lots of activities for the children including managing to have them sat down for long enough to watch some Muay Thai from our island’s very own Diamond Muay Thai,

‘They were asking ‘we can do this as well?!’ and yes they could do it all. There were even toys coming from the heavens as the paramotors were letting little balls and things down from the sky so the kids would swim and grab them!’

Charlie’s next event is in three weeks for the handicapped. They take the event to them as they need to be in a good and stable environment. Charlie goes with food and clothes that are needed.

Although the annual children’s day has just happened the fundraising and work continues all year round.

Every month they go and ask the orphanages what they need and if they have the funds in the budget then they will buy it.

‘We donate throughout the year and things are distributed to where they are mostly needed most essentially, people will always want stuff but it is who really needs it’.

Charlie’s Children’s Charity works with eight orphanages including the ones in Chang Rai and Chang Mai.

The convoy leaves on the 3rd of December with twenty five trucks and a three day hike through the jungle, the supplies are put on the train and this all goes to some of the poorest tribes in the North, this happens once a year.

If you would like to help or donate then you can do this 365 days a year. You can drop donations to Escobar, Handle Bar and other resorts on the island.

Follow the facebook page to keep up to date (see attached Charlie's Children's Charity Index).