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The Body Painting Festival SiStars tour - The first days

16 Jul 2015

DAY ONE:  Nothing is perfect.

Body art is not limited to paint...but be careful...for example, honey on your model will cause a sugar rush and then maybe the model will faint. Color choice is most important for successful blending of the model into the's the only thing that needs to be "perfect". The model is intended to be a glorification of the body and therefore is not meant to be completely camoflauged. In the end, the image should read as a beautiful landscape shot...the model(s) are secondary in importance. Because everyone can relate to and understands a beautiful landscape shot.

DAY TWO:  Continuity of lines is key.

Never use full black or white...for shadow or highlight use a darker or lighter shade of the color being used.
Shadow falls above wrinkle lines and highlights below

From Day 3: Jeans Painting with Mark Reid.