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Marco the Tarzan of the Jungle!

8 Nov 2015

Marco came to Koh Phangan for the first time many years ago but only to visit. He has been on a world trip  before this and spent a long time in South America, Caribbean, Philippines, Indonesia and then Thailand. This time he has been here for five months.

“I think the reason I have stayed on the island is that I have visited a lot of islands in Asia and this is the most authentic for me in terms of what you can do here. I mean with the electronic nightlife also!”.

Marco has made the transformation from being behind the bar to being a dancer at Jungle Exp so we caught up with him to find out more...

How did you get involved with Jungle?
First I started working on the bar and I would see all the dancers who were all women. So I asked ‘why do you have no men? I think for the women in the crowd it is nice to watch a male dancer also, I wanted to do this as I love to dance!
So I asked Georgia if she would give me a chance and she said yes why not?!

How did your first Jungle Experience as a dancer go?
It was amazing, so much fun. I like to go and meet the people. I feel more authentic as a dancer. I like the job on the bar as well as you have good contact with the people but it’s different, you are more part of the show as a dancer, you can play with the people.

Talk us through your costume?
The inspiration came together with Oliver Twist Hair and his girlfriend Tatiana, first she wanted to make a Superman then I had an idea to make a Tarzan. When you are a guest at Jungle Experience you would think Tarzan is more fitting. It went more gladiator than tarzan though! Oliver made my hair and he did the makeup also.

What else do you do on Phangan?
I help in Green Gallery dormitories in Haad Rin with lots of things. I help the people who are coming for the Full Moon. We supply the same food as Green Gallery in Sri Thanu. In my free time I love to go on the beach, I think when I’m on this island, at least once a day I like to see the beach or when I have time.

What is special for you about Jungle Experience?
I think the Jungle for me is a good party vibe and a good mix of people, the sound is good too. It’s a big party but with a family atmosphere. The jungle party has this extra special thing about it.

Will you be dancing at the next Jungle ?
I think I will, yes. I am going to Bangkok so I will have a look for inspiration for my costume etc.

What are your future plans on Koh Phangan?
I live step by step but I think I will stay here for the high season as there is a lot of work and fun to be had. A good mix is the best.

What do you think of the party scene in general?
I think we have a lot of different parties from Techno to Psy Trance. There is something for everybody.

What is your life philosophy?
At the moment I am living my dream! I have been travelling to see the world, the different people in the world and to learn the different cultures to make myself more open.